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6-head welding machine SL6Q

✛ Welding of a complete PVC frame
✛ with quick-change system for counter profiles
✛ Data transfer via USB connection
✛ Heated knives (optional)

This CNC-controlled 6-head welding machine enables the welding of a complete PVC frame with transom using two movable axes. The welding heads are positioned automatically according to the specified size of the profile frame to be welded. The cycles for heating, welding and cooling the profile bars are also automated. After cooling down, the welded frame is transported towards the cleaning machine by means of conveyor belts.

  • Max. welding dimension: 2800mm x 1800mm (version 2818) or 3200mm x 2800mm (version 3228)
  • Min. welding dimension: 400mm x 400mm
  • Max. profile dimensions: height=180mm, width=140mm
  • Min. profile dimensions: height=35mm, width=40mm
  • Data transmission via USB connection or TCP-IP network
  • Positioning of the X and Y axis via brushless motors and magnetic tape
  • Quick change system for counter profiles
  • Selftensioning system for fast exchange of the te on foil on the welding plates
  • Profile and cutting tolerances are distributed to all four corners
  • easy positioning of the profiles to be welded
  • Parallel welding
  • PC consolle with monitor 17″ TFT and keyboard

Art-Nr. Type Description
10100 SL6Q-3228L Welding machine horizontal welding dimension max. 3200x2800mm / min. 400x400mm type SL6Q-3228L
10101 SL6Q-3228R Welding machine horizontal welding dimension max. 3200x2800mm / min. 400x400mm type SL6Q-3228R
9604 9C1893959 Cooling table SL6Q 3228/2818
9602 9C1893659 safety fence SL4Q-3228
9C1894184 Seals pushing kit SL6Q 3228/2818 with clamping pads (for 6 heads)
9C1893583 Outfeed conveyors SL4Q-3228
9C1893585 li Kit for assembling line SL6Q+WPCNC2 (welder+cleaner) left
9C1893610 re Kit for assembling line SL6Q+WPCNC2 (welder+cleaner) right
9C1893601 Heated knives kit
9C1893592 Kit for 0,2÷2mm weld seam automatic limitation change (it escluded 9C1893593)
9C1893593 Fixed setup seam limitation kit (it escluded 9C1893592)
9C1893884 Kit for welding 3 sides for door frame
9A0200002 Kit for remote Internet assistance (TCP-IP)
9A0199378 Wireless bar code reader and SW
CNT01 Counterprofiles on spec. drawing (for 6 heads)
KPP01 Pads kit for seals pushing system (for 6 heads)
9607 MFN03 Machine installation (Including travel, board and lodging +5 days operator training)

  • Heated knives
  • Automatic quick change system for welding beads with a limit of 2 mm and 0.2

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