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Corner cleaner machine WP-CNC-Turbo Art.Nr. 9044

✛ very fast work performance with a maximum axis speed: 30 m/min
✛ Easy to use thanks to the large control panel with a colored TFT screen and USB port

  • 2 axes, driven by linear motors
  • Maximum profile dimensions H=130mm, W=100mm
  • Minimum frame size 320mm x 320mm
  • Profile centering by means of a stop on the outer contour of the profile
  • Axis speed max: 30m/min
  • Max. axis acceleration 0.75m/sec²
  • Each operating step can be activated/deactivated
  • Automatic start of the workflow when placing the workpiece in the machine
  • Duty cycle PC supported
  • Control panel with color TFT screen, keyboard and tool selection function
  • USB port
  • Program creation using DXF import
  • Transmission of the programs via USB
  • Manual management of any mechanical device
  • Axial and vertical movements with carriages on hardened and ground linear guides, without wear
  • Setting of all movement speeds
  • Visible surfaces of knife unit above and below
  • Inside corner cutting unit top and bottom
  • Optionally, an inside corner knife unit is designed with a second cutting edge for profiles with inside corner radii
  • Seal milling unit above and below
  • Outer contour milling unit

Art.-Nr Type Description
9044 WP-CNC-Turbo Corner cleaner WP-CNC-Turbo, incl. surface knife unit above and below, CNC disc milling unit, inner corner parting knife above and below, sealing groove drilling unit above and below, support table with brush profile. Max profile dimensions L=130mm; H=100mm.
Profile programming using DXF file.
L=1900mm / W = 2500mm / H = 2000mm
Weight = 600Kg


Installed power:
5.6 Kw
Power supply:
400 V
Air consumption per cycle:
440 Nl/min
Minimum Operating Pressure:
7 bar

Frames produced/8h* Up to 200
* Stand Alone Vers.: Dependent on profile type and dimensions.

Cutter disc for external corner finishing
Scratches for upper, lower and curved parts
Cutter for the removal of specific areas


  • External cleaning of the welded corner with blade
  • Cleaning of external and internal profile side grooved for white profiles
  • Internal and external gasket milling
  • Cleaning of internal corner glazing bead area
  • Cleaning of internal corner stop profile area

  • smooth trigger top / bottom
  • Radius deduction top / bottom

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