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Transport wagon for Lift-Sliding-Elements TYPE: HSE-TRW1000 Artikel: 11300

Transportwagon with handwheel for stepless height adjustment of transport-unit-set HSE-TR-G1000, 1 Set = 1x left and 1x right edition. Total lift 400mm, 3 rollers Ø125mm each wagon, 2 with brake. Load capacity 1000kg. Paint RAL7040. L=800mm, W=800mm, H=1500mm.

Transport-Unit-Set TYPE: HSE-TRG1000 Artikel: 11301

Transport-unit-set for storing and safe transportation of lift-sliding-elements, 1 set = 1x left and 1x right edition, for fixing (by screws) on frame elements, 7 drills with Ø 6,5mm, guiding on the side with rubberstop, two carrier pins for connecting hook. Paint RAL3020.

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