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Milling and drilling center FBZ-SAMBA-AZ

✛ 3-side processing
✛ 4.0 kW spindle with SK 30 tool holder
✛ Integrated operator station with PC control
✛ Pneumatically rotating working table +/-90°

3-side processing

The FBZ-SAMBA-AZ milling and drilling center offers 3-axis machining of aluminum profiles with a maximum cross-section of 150 x 150 mm. The pneumatically rotatable work table enables three sides to be machined in one clamping. Intermediate angle machining can be carried out using mechanical stops. The 4.0 kW spindle with SK 30 tool holder rotates at up to 18,000 rpm. Up to five pneumatic vices cover the working length of 2800mm. Lateral openings on the machine allow overlength processing (>2800mm).

Basic equipment

  • Pneumatically rotating working table +/-90°
  • Mechanical stops for intermediate angles
  • Milling spindle 4.0 kW, 18,000 rpm, automatically movable in 3 axes
  • SK 30 tool holder
  • Four pneumatic vices with two pressure levels, can be moved manually
  • Left profile stop
  • Safe 2-hand operation
  • Safety device with photocell
  • Recesses for overlength processing (>2800 mm)
  • Three waste bins
  • Integrated operator station with PC control

    10.4″ TFT with soft-touch keyboard, comfortable interface for machine parameter management, Windows operating system, automatic tool diameter correction, CNC interpolation of the X and Y axes, AXACad with CAD/CAM functions

Functional principle

The sketch illustrates the functional principle of the milling and drilling center. The arrows represent the 3-axis travel of the spindle and the manual swivel range of the worktable.

  • 1x SK30 tool holder
  • 1x tool Ø 8 mm
  • 1x collet Ø 8 mm
  • 1x spray device
  • 1x maintenance unit
  • 1x blow gun

  • Micro spray device
  • Additional vice
  • Machine connection to CAL / AV programs

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