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Linear CAT 500 FAB

✛ with loading unit, processing unit, cutting unit, unloading unit
✛ with five to six controlled axes
✛ PVC profiles and aluminum (optional).

Fully automatic CNC machining and cutting center with five to six controlled axes for machining PVC profiles (aluminum optional). The machine is equipped with an automatic profile bar feeding unit with gripper arm, controlled by a linear motor, which feeds the multi-spindle machining unit and the cutting unit. The cutting process takes place from the bottom up. The software developed by GRAF Synergy enables an optimal workflow, so that the operator only has to feed and remove the material from the machine.

Loading unit:

  • Maximum loading capacity: 10 profile bars
  • Maximum profile dimensions in automatic mode: length=6500mm, width=125mm, height=150mm
  • Minimum profile dimensions in automatic mode: length=400mm, width=40mm, height=40mm
  • Two axis CNC controlled profile bar gripping unit
  • The gripper moves on the X-axis with a linear motor and prism guide. The positioning takes place via a magnetic tape

Processing unit:

  • Five (optionally up to ten) electronic spindles with 24 rpm. The arrangement of the spindles enables simultaneous processing of both sides of the profile
  • The processing unit (Y and Z axis) is moved by brushless motors
  • All guide systems are equipped with ball bearings to ensure quick and clean processing

Cutting unit:

  • Saw blade swivel either pneumatically or by means of brushless


  • Saw blade diameter 500mm
  • Saw cut from bottom to top
  • Cutting angle: -45° / 90° / +45°
  • Horizontal and vertical clamping devices for clamping long profile cuts

Unloading unit:

  • Automatic removal of the processed profile bars
  • Removal station with safety light barrier
  • Maximum capacity of the removal magazine: 20 pieces (extension optionally possible)

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