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Sash fitting station type FAP2000

✛ pneumatic table tilt from 0°-10°

Type-FAP: Facilitates and economizes the mounting of metal fittings and corner drives. Individual table adjustment: Height adjustment from 890mm to 1000mm. The pneumatic table inclination from 0°-10° offers an ergonomic way of working. Optional with automatic screw feeding unit FMS2430-MF-3. Fast turning and safe counterhold of sash through pneumatic bed stop system with self centering. Protection of profile by slide ledges, brush profile or felt surfaces.

Art.-No Type Description
2762 FAP2000 Sash fitting station FAP2000. Table size 3000 x 1775 x 900 mm, Pneumatic tilting 0°-15°. Contact surface see below
2440 FMS2430G Table covered with sliding-profile
2441 FMS2430B Table covered with brush-profile
2442 FMS2430F Table covered with felt-profile
2768 FAP2000-SEHK-2 Screw feeding unit, with screw unit, 2 working heights (fittings, hinghes) with manual feed for second screw-length
2800 FAP2000-HVP Pneumatic height adjustment for screw-unit at type FAP2000
2235 FAP2000-ASS7x7 Bed stop system rail, handle constant
7313 FMS2430-SL635 Laser for screw-driver unit
2777 FAP2000-EKBE-1 Corner hinge drill unit for FAP2000, 1-spindle-drill-head, manual feed
6053 FAP2000-EKBE-2A Corner hinge drill unit for sash fitting station, incl. 2-Spindle head, automatic feed, adjustable range min. 20mm / max. 85mm, drill power max. 6mm
2779 FAP2000-OBH Triple Drilling unit w/three spindle drilling head, mounted in middle of table, with hydropneumatic feed
2799 FAP2000-SKFE Gear Box routing unit, on guidance Rail mobile, w/fixation system mounted in the middle of the table
2801 FAP2000-AS-SKFE Stop for Gear Box routing adjustable from 0-200mm
2776 FAP2000-Stanze Fitting punch BST with stop system for handle middle and constant position, open tool for straight cut.

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