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Doppelgehrungssäge HGLS-DS527NC

✛ Intermediate support for sawing 2 glazing beads at the same time
✛ suitable for larger cross sections
✛ with label printer, radio caliper

Double miter saw for cutting two glazing beads at the same time.
The right-hand saw unit is fixed, the left-hand unit is adjusted via positioning control

Properties of the positioning controller:

  • Monochromatic graphic display 240 x 64 pti
  • Visualization of 30 characters on 8 lines
  • Keyboard with 28 function keys
  • FN key for function break
  • Diagnostics and error messages
  • Language selection, I, D, GB, SO, F and SF
  • 10,000 memory lines can be divided into 999 cycles, max. 99 lines/cycle
  • RS232 interface
  • Input of dimensions manually or via USB interface
  • 3 correction values each for saw unit left and right
  • 1 correction value for counter profiles

The adjustable unit is fitted with recirculating ball bushings and runs on steel-hardened axles. Both units have supports that enable 2 glazing beads to be cut at the same time. The upper support can be removed for cutting larger cross-sections. After the cutting process is complete, the pneumatic clamping cylinders automatically swing to the side to simplify loading and unloading of the machine.

Machine equipment:

  • fixed right saw unit
  • Pivoting clamping device
  • Positioning control for TRF 527 NC CE
  • Maintenance unit, pressure monitor, overload switch
  • Center support
  • HM - fitted saw blades Ø 220mm x30 Z72 (Article No.: 6924)
  • Two-hand control
  • Intermediate support for sawing 2 glazing beads at the same time
  • pneumatic stroke of the saw units
  • Motor protection switch
  • Tool set

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Engine power
2 x 1.2 kW / 3.000 U/min
Saw blade diameter
220 mm / 5.250 U/min
max. cutting height without support
max. cutting width at 90 °
55 mm
max. cutting width at 45 °
40 mm
max. cutting length
2380mm (upon request 2.800 or. 4.000 mm)
min. cutting length
150 mm
217 kg
Space requirements (standard equipment)
3000 x 850mm

label printer

The printer creates a label for each individual item that is cut and is present in the cut list. (No labels are created for defects and remnants).

The labels come out of the printer individually and not peeled off. Peeling and sticking onto each workpiece for identification and classification is quick and convenient.

Printer specifications

  • Dimensions 117 x 161 x158 mm
  • Weight 517 g
  • 1 Label / Sec.
  • Label roll with 220 labels 28 x51mm

The labels can contain

  • Cutting length max. 9 characters
  • Program number max. 3 characters
  • Program designation max. 8+8 characters
  • Number of pieces: cut / total max. 3+3 characters
  • Free test on each line max. 16 characters

Measuring device for measuring

  • Glazing beads
  • Frame parts for doors lights
  • Frame parts for kitchen elements

The following data is shown on the display

  • Measured length
  • Confirmation of the forwarding of the measure

The measuring device is equipped with rechargeable batteries

It sends the measured values to a receiver, which transmits them to the controller via an RS 232 interface.

Radio caliper gauge with display to check the dimensions

Measurement accuracy +/- 0,1mm
Radio transmission range approx. 30 m (without structural obstacles)
Measurement error ± 0,2 %

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