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Assembly tables - sliding tables

✛ practical general-purpose work table
✛ stable design
✛ more sizes and options on request

Various designs are available:
Screwed (s) in 2 m and 3 m in length.
Welded (g) in 2 m to 6 m in length.
Basic unit (b) and attachment (a):
He is universally used as a single table, in the production flow, as a series of workplace, the seal feeding, finish cleaning, in the special production . PVC slide rails, brush strips or felt strips protect the window from damage . The working height is adjustable.

*Height: 700mm – 1100mm

Work tables
Art.-No Type b/a s/g Length Width Surface
1060 AT2100G b s 2,0m 1,3m Glide profile
1061 AT2103G b s 3,0m 1,3m Glide profile
1062 AT2104G a s 2,0m 1,3m Glide profile
1063 AT2105G a b 3,0m 1,3m Glide profile
1064 AT2100B b s 2,0m 1,3m Brush profile
1065 AT2103B b s 3,0m 1,3m Brush profile
1066 AT2104B a b 2,0m 1,3m Brush profile
1067 AT2105B a b 3,0m 1,3m Brush profile
Sliding tables
Art.-No Type b/a s/g Length Width Surface
1077 AT2120G b g 2,0m 1,3m Glide profile
1078 AT2130G b g 3,0m 1,3m Glide profile
1079 AT2140G b g 4,0m 1,3m Glide profile
1080 AT2150G b g 5,0m 1,3m Glide profile
1084 AT2120B b g 2,0m 1,3m Brush profile
1085 AT2130B b g 3,0m 1,3m Brush profile
1086 AT2140B b g 4,0m 1,3m Brush profile
1087 AT2150B b g 5,0m 1,3m Brush profile
Art.-No Type Description
1081 AB2106G Support Shelf
1071 DV2107 Air Connector w/4 Connections
1124 EV2108 Electrical socket 4-fold
1072 WH2109 Air service unit ½“, w/holder

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