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Double miter saw DGSD500

✛ For ALU and PVC
✛ available with different controls
✛ different software package

Automatic double miter saw with hydropneumatic feed. For ALU/PVC. Control S7 or S9, cutting lengths 3.3m/4.3m/5.3m

Double miter saw with hydropneumatic feed and saw blades that can be lowered from below with a fixed saw head on the left and a movable saw head on the right. Pivoting of the cutting unit up to 45° in relation to the vertical axis. Mechanical stops for intermediate grades. Programming via control unit (panel). 2 horizontal + vertical clamping cylinders, intermediate supports with roller conveyor, incl. 2 saw blades Ø500mm. Machine secured via two-hand safety device. Painted RAL7016 anthracite grey. Cutting length see table.

S7 two-hand safety operation

  • Automatic approach to the reference point.
  • Motorized movement of the saw heads, controlled by positioning device.
  • Presetting of the number of cuts to be processed.
  • Clock cut device (double or single cuts) simultaneously through both saw heads, double cut selectable, execution of the short cut with autom. Length correction and cutting of oversized workpieces.
  • Automatic management of offcuts and position calculation.
  • Pneum. Inclination of the saw heads to +45°/90°/ -45°.
  • Data memory for 99 rods types with autom. Correction calculation according to cutting angle.
  • Reading in the cut lists from 3 ½" diskettes
  • Reading the cutting lists from the network
  • Viewing and processing saved cut lists.
  • 10/100 Mbit network card, network connection to load cutting lists without diskettes.
  • Possibility to connect to a label printer.
  • Selection of personalized print data from 19 frames, e.g. department, code, customer, case, etc.
  • Selection of the parameter to be printed on the barcode, ?
  • Purpose of use
  • Profile optimization
  • Remnant optimization to optimize the production cycle with remnants (optional)
  • Windows in national language
  • TFT 17" display 1280x1024 pixels
  • USB port, DVD reader
  • Possibility for image printing

Display of the following cutting list data:

  1. Section code
  2. Quantity (pieces to cut)
  3. Piece-Color
  4. minimum length
  5. maximum length (up to height)
  6. leave blade tilt angle
  7. correct blade inclination angle
  8. Box where piece is to be placed after cutting
  9. Display of whether bar to be cut is new or taken from remnant stock
  10. Customer name for the piece in question
  11. Order number for the piece in question
  12. Indication of whether the remnant received can be reused or is redundant


Art.-Nr. Type Length Breite Height Travel length
7537 DGSD500/3300 L = 4500 mm B = 1300 mm H = 1650 mm 3300 mm
7538 DGSD500/4300 L = 5500 mm B = 1300 mm H = 1650 mm 3300 mm
7539 DGSD500/5300 L = 6500 mm B = 1300 mm H = 1650 mm 3300 mm
Art.-Nr. Type Description
9891 S7 Control S7 consisting of PC, keyboard, mouse and TFT screen. Technical data see brochure.
9890 S9 Control S9 consisting of Soft Touch keypad and LCD display. Technical data see brochure.
5G3209628 Software package: cutting excess lengths
5G3211022 Software package: cut optimization
5G5199127 Network card 10/100Mb
0F1896522 Label printer type C4 x S7
0F1896527 Label printer type PM4I x S7

Art.-Nr. Type Description
0J0896492 Mechanical stop for V-cuts on the left saw head
9116 Y93890268 Sawdust extraction system with 2x chip bags
10329 0J0896441 Roller conveyor at the fixed head 3m
10328 0J0896426 Roller conveyor on the moving head 3m
9765 0F4896425 Pneumatic center support

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