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Hand glass bead saws, hand machine

✛ for cutting inner strips or glass strips to length
✛ precisely adjustable miter cut
✛ matching aluminum supplements

Art.-Nr Type Description
4527 GLZ419 Glazing bead saw for cutting inner strips or glazing beads made of PVC to length, cuts 45° or 90° with 230V motor, HM saw blade and frame clamp, without allowances. Power 0.8kW / 230V / 6,000 rpm. At 45° miter cut 20x41mm. Weight 5kg, LxWxH = 350x400x310mm. For PVC and wooden glazing beads. Integrated frame clamp for placing and fixing the machine directly on the corner of the sash. Bar length is taken directly from the sash. Saw swivels 45° right/left.
4714 GLZ419-ALUZU Aluminum allowances for glass bead saw GLZ419.
4713 GLZ419-SPHA Clamping system for glass bead saw GLZ419 with holding foot.
5671 GLS405 Glazing bead saw hand-held machine for easy adjustment of angle and length without scales, cutting for a window angle range of 30°-160° and straight legs of segment arches, length adjustment using a mechanical measuring stop directly on the welded wing, with HM saw blade for PVC Profile 35x30mm, power 0.8kW / 230V / 6,000 rpm. LxWxH = 500x320x200mm. 7kg. Profile height min. 10mm / max. 35mm Profile width min. 10mm / max. 40mm Profile length min. 125mm Frame size min. 125mm
5674 GLS405-PZ Profile allowances for GLS405 glazing bead saw for the production we need 2 profile samples with seals min. 1m long and a welded wing with retracted seal, design: 2 corners at 60° and 2 corners at 120°.
6340 GLS405-LA/R Length sensor on the right for glazing bead saw GLS405

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