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PIT - window installation aid

✛ safer, protected
✛ controlled, guided
✛ faster, healthy
✛ up to 300 kg

Years of experience in fitting windows and doors qualifies us as experts in efficient building-site organisation. Our PIT-Fitting-Method provides a practical «lean management» solution to benefit work site processes.
Thanks to PIT you can substantially increase the number of window-shases fitted per day, with reduced physical effort and strain. Positioning and fitting/hinging window panes, sliding doors or entrance doors is much less effort.
Further reduce your effort by using the PIT to cenveniently transport all your materials and tools. PIT increases your competitivness, you improve employee motivation and reduce their injury rates.

Your PIT can…

  • … lifts up to 150 kg from 5mm to 1300mm.
  • … is 40cm wide and is capable of driving a 300 kg load, weighs only 56 kg
  • … can be taken anywhere on the work-site, including your materials and tools.
  • … makes working easier, every time and everywhere!

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Patrick Rygiel
Tel: (+49) 0 72 32 / 30 18-10
Mobil: (+49) 0 171 / 68 28 933
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