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Sprout saw SP92

✛ angle adjustable 45°-90°
✛ free cut from 30°-53°
✛ with adjustable stop and scale
✛ fast cocking with foot switch

For cutting rungs made of plastic or aluminum in a simple contour cut using two saw blades that cut one after the other. In the case of special contours, a milling unit supplements the contour cut.

Art.-Nr Type Description
2599 SP92 Sprout saw type SP92 angle adjustable 45°-90° free cut from 30°-53° sliding carriage angle adjustable on both sides 1.5m long with stop and scale, three-phase saw motor, pneum. Clamping device with foot switch
SP-ME Machine setting of each cut
SP-DM Pressure reducer for clamping force
SP-ABP Connection for blowgun
SP-BPmS Blow gun with spiral hose
SP-HLD Lifting strip for sealing rubber
SP-FE Milling unit for SP92
SP-WFE Interchangeable milling unit for SP92
Form milling cutter / contour milling cutter / bevel saw
SP-SEWS Sliding stop for angle adjustment of the saw blade
SP-SBWS Sliding stop on both sides for angle adjustment of the saw blade
SP-AH4-7 Extension from 4 to 7 horizontal stops
SP-VW20 Extended workpiece carrier 2.0m with additional workpiece support
Measuring and positioning technology
SP-AL Marking gauge for length determination AL
SP-AV1500 Marking device for sprout lengths up to 1500mm (AV 1500)
SP-AV2300 Marking device for sprout up to 2300 mm long (AV 2300)
SP-LT-4 Length sensor with 4-fold stop 1500mm (LT-4)
SP-LT-7 Length sensor with 7-fold stop 1500mm (LT-7)
SP-VW1523 For length sensor LT or marking device. AV extended workpiece carrier from 1500mm to 2300mm
2594 SP-M1000 Rung positioning and measuring device 1000-1300mm (SPM1000)
2595 SP-M1400 Rung positioning and measuring device 1400-1600mm (SPM1400)
2596 SP-M1700 Rung positioning and measuring device 1700-2000mm (SPM1700)
2597 SP-VmH Vacuum cup with holder for SPM
8612 HM150x2,8x30 Saw blade HM 150x2.8/2.0x30 Z42
8613 HM190x2,8x30 Saw blade HM 190x2.8x30 Z54
8729 SP92-ALT-6M/550 Support table 6.0m long for SP92. Galvanized sheet metal, 550mm wide, slide profile support, 2 support feet, height adjustable.

  • Main cut / longitudinal cut, in the range of 45° to 90° according to the scale or (optional stops)
  • Cut-out for sealing rubber, in the range 30° to 53° according to the scale or (optional stops)
  • Axial displacement of the saw unit for the free cut against a presettable quadruple turret stop
  • Miter cut from – 45° to + 45°
  • Miter cuts from – 10° to + 45° when using the milling unit
  • Miter cut from – 45° to + 45° when using the milling unit (option)
  • Length adjustment via:
    • Measuring scale and folding stops
    • via marking gauge and nonius (option)
    • via length sensor and stop drum (option)
  • Pneumatic profile clamping
  • Milling unit with profile milling cutters also available as exchangeable milling unit (option)
  • contact beam 1300 mm; 1500mm ; 2000mm long
  • can be used for rungs from 16 mm to 100 mm
  • max. cutting height 24 mm
  • two motors 0.55 KW; 2750 rpm

  • Sprouts positioning and measuring device
  • Milling unit for contours
  • Form milling contours
  • 7-fold stop turret for axial saw blade displacement
  • Sealing rubber lifting strips
  • Length sensor LT 7-fold stop

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