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Automatic cutting center CAT600AL

✛ with CNC control, 3 axes
✛ with loading unit, cutting unit, unloading unit
✛ automatic profile bar feeding unit

Automatic 3-axis CNC cutting center for processing ALU profiles. The machine is equipped with an automatic profile bar feeding unit controlled by a DC motor with a magnetic head. Profile infeed complete with belts driven by an inverted motor. The cutting process takes place from the bottom up. The software developed by GRAF Synergy enables an optimal workflow, so that the operator only has to feed and remove the material from the machine.

Loading unit:

  • Loading magazine with a maximum capacity of 10 to 12 profile bars
  • Maximum size of the profile bars to be loaded in automatic mode: length= 6500mm, width= 200mm (up to 310mm optional), height= 190mm
  • Minimum size of the profile bars to be loaded in automatic mode: length= 900mm, width= 40mm, height= 40mm
  • Profile loading system via straps with step-by-step push button
  • Profile movement by brushless motor and linear module with centesimal magnetic tape position indicator

Cutting unit:

  • Saw blade rotation by means of a brushless motor
  • Cutting angle display via centesimal magnetic tape
  • Ø 550mm saw blade with cutting direction from bottom to top
  • Possible cutting angles of +/- 10°
  • Set of horizontal and vertical brackets

Unloading unit:

  • Automatic removal of the cut profiles
  • Unloading magazine with safety light barrier
  • Maximum discharge capacity: 15 to 20 pieces

Standard accesories:

  • Carbide saw blade Ø 550mm, Z=120, hole Ø 30mm
  • Robust and solid steel construction with adjustable feet for leveling and anchoring on the ground
  • Industrial PC on the machine
  • 10/100 MB network card
  • Profile feed via brushless motors
  • Conveyor belts controlled by adjustable frequency converters with acceleration and deceleration devices to avoid overloading

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