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Worktable, Sliding tablesk ATAS 2000

✛ can be pulled out on both sides
✛ Pull-out parts on rollers
✛ 12 plastic boxes for small parts
✛ 4-times compressed air distributor

The worktable ATAS 2000 is extendable in length and width. Extension parts are fixed on rollers for easy adjusting of table dimension required. Sliding profiles protect the workpiece of scratches and damages. 12 PVC boxes for storing screws, small parts, … as well as a 4-times compressed air distributor are included at standard edition.

*Height: 900mm – 1100mm

Art.-No Type Length Width Surface
2265 ATAS2000GP 2000 – 3900mm 1100 – 1900mm Glide profile
3809 ATAS2000BP 2000 – 3900mm 1100 – 1900mm Brush profile

The worktable ATA 2190 is extendable on both sides in length. The extending units are on wheels and allow rapid adaptation to the window elements. Slat protect the window from damage profile.

*Height: 700mm – 1100mm

Art.-No Type Length Width Surface
2073 ATA2190G 2500 – 4500mm 1300mm Glide profile
2074 ATA2190B 2500 – 4500mm 1300mm Brush profile

Art.-No Type Description
6561 WA1901-08/4 Tool holder sheet metal, for 4 electric hand or pneumatic hand machines
0265 ATAS2000GPH Version with hollow chamber rubber profile (for ALU construction)
0266 ATAS2000GPV Version with full rubber profile (for ALU construction)
1304 FP20 Support surface with felt strip

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