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Window installation help Henry 1

✛ Simple handling for the fitter on the construction site
✛ Ergonomic, safe working without effort when hanging/unhooking sashes
✛ Personnel savings: Heavy elements are safely brought into position
✛ Also drives up and down stairs with motor support
✛ Absolute work simplification for every fitter on the construction site

The Henry 1 window installation aid is used to make the work process easier when hanging and removing window sashes. The sash elements are moved stably and safely to the hanging position by means of a battery-operated electro-spindle and can therefore be installed without any effort for the fitter. In addition, the window installation aid "Henry 1" has a battery-operated stair climbing aid. The device was designed by us in such a way that you can also attach and detach house doors. The lowest recording level is 3.5mm. The carrying capacity is 125kg.

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