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Milling machine for beveling the profile seal ends

✛ especially for hardened seals after welding
✛ for internal and external seals

GC-SL was developed to solve the problem of hardened seals when welded. With this machine it is now possible to produce a smooth, clean seal weld and a perfect closing of the sash in the frame is guaranteed. The elasticity of the seal is retained after welding

The excess material of the inner and outer seals is removed with this machine before welding. This is the easiest and fastest way. The operator only has to insert the first end of the profile, then the second end into the GC-SL and after a short time the machine has completed the milling process. Simultaneous processing of two profile ends in one operation. Automatic adjustment of stop / glass seal position.

On request, the machine type is also available only for internal (GC-S) or only for external seals. The GC-SL machine is a very solid machine and can be conveniently placed next to a cutting saw or cutting center, allowing the operator to carry out this work without wasting time.

  • Sash profiles: relief milling of the sling and glass seal
  • Window frame profiles: rear milling of the rebate and glass seal
  • Max. profile width: 92mm
  • Max profile height: 135mm
  • Min. profile height: 48mm

Type Motor Pressure air Connection
GC-SL 2.5 kW 6-8 Bar 380V-50Hz
Type Length Width Height Weight
GC-SL L=1300 mm B=1300 mm H=1100 mm 235kg

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