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Double miter saw DGS450-500 DIGI

✛ Pneumatic swiveling 90° to 22.5°
✛ USB port for cut list transfer
✛ Cutting length extension to 5000mm
✛ for aluminum and PVC processing

Double miter saw, semi-automatic, working length max. 4000mm, swiveling of the heads pneumatically 90°/45° to the right and left, intermediate degree setting by means of mechanical stops, hydropneumatic saw feed for aluminum and PVC processing, cooling spray device, motorized positioning of the right-hand movable saw head. 2 clamping cylinders horizontally + vertically, one intermediate support, without saw blades. Machine secured via two-hand safety device. Hydro-pneumatic adjustment of the saw blade trail. USB connection for transferring cut lists. Saw heads also work in single function. Paint RAL7040 window grey.

Type Air pressure Motor Saw blade diameter Weight Connection
DGS450-500 DIGI 6-8 Bar 2 x 1.5 kW
2.800 U/min
D=450mm, D=500mm, d=30mm, 2x 1230kg 400V-50Hz
Type Length Width Height
DGS450-500 DIGI L = 4300 mm B = 1320 mm H = 1400 mm

Minimum and maximum cutting lengths

max. cutting length 90°
max. cutting length 45°
min. cutting length 90°
500 mm
min. cutting length 45°
500 mm

  • Pneumatic tilting of the heads from 90° to 22.5°
  • Cutting length extension to 5000mm
  • Clamping set for V-cuts
  • Center roll support manually
  • Central roller support pneumatic
  • Saw blade set Ø 450mm
  • Saw blade set Ø 500mm

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